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Customers find the book engaging, inspiring, impressive and riveting. They also say it's an emotional account of John Lennon's last interview.

"..." is one of the most riveting, heartbreaking, and yet hilariously relatable page-turners for anyone who lived, loved, and lost the magic of John..." Read more

"...Certainly not as easy to do in today’s world. She’s inspiring & impressive!...." Read more

"...This was very well done, and kept me interested, entertained, and reading far into the night and all of the next day, until I finally finished it...." Read more

"...with Paul McCartney and George Harrison, making this a great read for Beatles fans, but also all music fans of the 60s and 70s." Read more

Great job and fascinating life story! Laurie’s life was saved by rock n’ roll. She has eloquently written a riveting memoir, including her progression from radio fan to radio star. Her inspiring story culminates in the scoop of the decade – a joyous interview with 

John and Yoko, ending with the sudden tragedy that shattered her psyche and shook the whole world.

  Madeline Bocaro – Author of In Your Mind - The Infinite Universe of Yoko Ono 


Name dropping? Well, they say it ain’t bragging if you really did it and Laurie Kaye has really done it. These stories about so many culturally important people are exciting and illuminating. I read this book with pleasure and amazement. I know that you 

will dig it, too! 

  Chris Frantz - Drummer/co-founder Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club; author of Remain in Love


Powerful, so accurately describes that unforgettable day. Bravo. Brought it all back. 

As the saying goes "you had to be there". Laurie Kaye makes it possible for readers to experience "being there" with her rock 'n' roll confessional.

  Dave Sholin – former RKO Exec/Executive Producer; current air personality/asst programmer KSJJ/KGMX Bend, Oregon


What a delight to dive into Laurie’s stunning life full of endless cosmic meetings with celestial rock gods and goddesses. You get to know them better through her memories and interviews as one of the foremost rock radio special writer/producers during the 

most glorious era of music.  In between her mind blowing interactions with our heroes, she shares tales of how she found herself in places most of us conjure up only in our wildest dreams.

  Pamela Des Barres - Rock groupie queen, bestselling author of I'm with the Band

“A rockin' roller coaster ride with a rambunctious raconteur."

  Mojo Nixon - songwriter/singer "Elvis Is Everywhere"

"In her “Confessions” Laurie takes us on her journey: her childhood love of music and radio, some of the best concerts ever, and then we’re along as she meets and works with many of the top artists of the time.  

Laurie's insightful writing ties the past to the present and vice versa, connecting people to each other through songs/music/lyrics and life. It’s an exciting and interesting ride via her unique voice.  Her joy and enthusiasm, along with a lifetime in the industry, create the perfect mix of personal and professional stories, with humor and sometimes even heartbreak.

Laurie, rock n roll name dropper, a journey of a life inspired by music, a journey you will want to share."

  Kat Dillon - former Head of Production at Rhythm & Hues Studios and member of multiple book clubs.

Laurie Kaye has led a fascinating life, one in which rock music has been a driving force. She has always been a terrific writer and interviewer, something I know from personal experience, having worked with her on the Satcon One radio special in 1980. Laurie has a knack for bringing out the humanity and essential truths of her interview subjects, and she brings those same qualities to her own life story leading up to that fateful day with John and Yoko at The Dakota. Confessions Of A Rock 'N' Roll Name dropper is a must-read for every music fan.

Rob Frankel - Audio/Radio Producer

Confessions of a Rock N Roll Namedropper by Laurie Kaye is an absolute must for every Beatles aficionado, rock music enthusiast, or anyone who lived through the 1970s! Ms. Kaye is a consummate story teller who relates her life’s history with spellbinding journalistic directness and colorful imagery. It is a unique memoir written by the journalist blessed/cursed with the privilege/responsibility of interviewing John Lennon on the day he was murdered…. 

John Bruce

For all you Beatles aficionados, this book is an absolute must! Written by Laurie Kaye, my high school classmate, it is an amazing auto-biography leading up to her interview with John Lennon on the day he was assassinated…

John Yeh - Chicago Symphony Orchestra Musician and Grammy Award Winner

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